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When buying a used vehicle, it is the wise choice to get a pre purchase inspection completed before you make the call. In today’s blog, we are going over five key reasons why you should get a professional mobile car inspection done with AutoChex.

Firstly, the clear benefit is that a pre purchase vehicle inspection illuminates any problems that the car may have. Unless you are an experienced and knowledgeable mechanic yourself, you will not be able to identify issues which are not obvious. A pre purchase inspection removes the great unknown of what may be wrong with the car. This makes a used car purchase less risky for your average buyer by arming them with the gift of knowledge. Buying a car can often be an emotional decision – you may even fall in love with it when you take it for a test drive – but our comprehensive inspections help you see the facts before making a commitment.

Secondly, a mobile pre purchase inspection is a great option for when the car you want is not located nearby to you, or if you do not have time to go look at the car yourself. Save yourself making a big trip just to look at a car you are not really sure about. At AutoChex, we travel throughout Sydney and Wollongong, with more areas coming soon. Our inspections include dozens of images of the vehicle, so you will feel as if you had seen the car with your own eyes.

A third benefit of a car inspection is that it will help you avoid being locked into buying a car which has major mechanical issues. There are some problems which are not easy to identify to the untrained eye but which can cost many thousands of dollars to repair. A pre purchase vehicle inspection can save you a heap of money by helping you avoid buying a worthless vehicle. Just because a car looks good, does not mean all is well on the inside.

Another reason to get a mobile car inspection is that it is convenient for the seller – you are not asking them to go out of their way to get the car dropped off to a mechanic shop, which would annoy most sellers especially if you opt not to buy after all. A mobile inspection makes it convenient for them – so if they say no to the inspection, that is a sign that the car has a major issue that they are trying to hide from you. As inspections only take a couple of hours, and can be done at a time convenient for both you and the seller, they have no excuse to refuse.

Finally, getting a pre purchase inspection done improves your negotiating position with the seller. There are likely to be issues with the car that the seller is not even aware of and has notfactored into the price. By knowing about issues, minor ones which do not impact your desireto purchase the car, you may be able to knock hundreds or even thousands off the asking price.

To book your pre purchase car inspection with AutoChex, you can make a time instantly via the Book Now page of our website. Or, to find out more information about the services we offer, simply give us a phone call on 0418 216 192.

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