5 Signs a Second Hand Vehicle has Major Problems

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When buying a used car, you are taking on the risk that it has major mechanical faults. It is wise to buy second hand as this allows you save a significant amount of money as compared to a brand new car. You must do your due diligence in order to determine if the car will be a reliable performer. It is advisable to have a pre purchase vehicle inspection performed before you make a deal with the seller. Before you get to that point, there are a few warning signs to look for which indicate that the vehicle may have major issues.

Firstly, be wary of sellers who insist that they must sell today. Usually they will say that they are moving house and need the car off their hands today, or some other such story. While this is occasionally true, in most cases it is a sign of a seller who is trying to pressure you into making a quick decision without having time to consider all the facts.

A second sign that that the vehicle has issues is the seller’s behaviour in allowing you to fully inspect the vehicle. If they refuse a pre purchase vehicle inspection by a mechanic, chances are that the car has a problem that they do not want you to discover. If they say that it is too inconvenient to arrange for a pre purchase inspection, they are likely making this up in order to dissuade you from pressing ahead with an inspection. At AutoChex, we perform pre purchase inspections at the site of your choosing, so it simply could not be more convenient for the seller.

Thirdly, a car with a high level of kilometres should be treated with caution. Every make of car is different; there are some which will go and go for endless years, and there are others which begin to break down once a substantial mileage is reached. The number of kilometres tells you what stage of life the car is in.

A fourth signal that a car has major issues is that one or more of the engine lights is on. These indicators tell you that there is a severe problem with the car which must be addressed urgently. Some sellers will try to tell you that it is not actually a problem with the motor, but rather, that the engine light itself is malfunctioning. In order to determine the truth of this claim, you would need a mechanical inspection. However, it is safe to assume that this is usually a bald-faced lie.

Finally, a car that has changed hands many times is likely not a good one. If many successive owners are seeking to be rid of it, it probably has a recurring mechanical problem. This problem is so annoying or so expensive that multiple previous owners have gone through the fuss of selling it.

Before you buy a car, it is always best to have it inspected by an expert. At AutoChex, we provide an affordable pre purchase mechanical inspection service throughout Sydney and surrounding areas. To find out more information or to book a time for your second hand vehicle inspection, simply call us on 0418 216 192 or leave a message on our website and we will get back to you.

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