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Caravan Pre Purchase Inspection

If you are in the market for a second hand caravan, it can be difficult to know if the caravan of your choice is a solid and reliable option. This is especially case for those without a background as a mechanic, who just want a vehicle that will work well and will not be breaking down or requiring otherwise costly repairs. At AutoChex, we provide pre purchase motor vehicle inspections, and not just for cars. We are also extremely experienced in the inspection of caravans and other large vehicles.

When it comes to buying a caravan, it is more important than ever to know exactly what you are buying. Caravans are built for adventuring, for travelling large distances with nary a person in sight. This is all very peaceful unless your caravan breaks down unexpectedly in an isolated area with no option to call for help. At AutoChex, when we inspect a caravan that you are looking to purchase, we keep in mind the likely usage of the caravan and what it will need to withstand.

You can obtain a pre purchase caravan inspection from AutoChex from a mere $299, or a motor home inspection from $389. This is a pittance compared to the cost of repairing a vehicle that comes with a problem that you did not know about. In addition to an inspection of crucial mechanical aspects such as brake operation, our caravan inspections also include an investigation of all fittings and furnishings. We also check that everything you would need in an emergency, such as the caravan jack, is suitable and working. We look for any damage or non operational aspects of the caravan, and will convey these back to you in our comprehensive report. In older used caravans, it is inevitable that there will be some wear and tear, particularly to the interior furnishings. Our report will help you sift through the difference between superficial and structural damage. This is all made possible by having an experienced inspector with decades of prior experience as a mechanic, having seen and worked on vehicles of all types.

Another advantage of having a pre purchase inspection done is that it can help you negotiate a better price. If you are armed with all the information about less than ideal aspects of the caravan, you are able to talk the seller down from their initial asking price. In this way, the cost of a pre purchase caravan inspection from AutoChex can pay for itself instantly. It is always better to have more rather than less information when it comes to the purchase of a vehicle, especially one like a caravan which you will be using for travelling long distances in unfamiliar places.

When you think you are ready to purchase a caravan, ask yourself – has it undergone a full mechanical inspection? Do not even think about taking the next step before this is sorted out. You can book a caravan inspection with AutoChex instantly through our website. We travel to you (or to the seller), making it a convenience exercise. Or, if you would like more information about our pre purchase caravan inspection service, feel free to call us on 0418 216 192. We can also be contacted via our website enquiry form if that is more suitable for you.