Please note: Our disclaimer should be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions.

Our inspection is:-

(a) based on a physical description of what can be visually seen, heard and tested at the time of the vehicle inspection; and

(b) a basic and general inspection.

We can only report on the condition of the vehicle based on the parts that are reasonably able to be inspected in conjunction with the knowledge and experience of our vehicle inspections gained over the years. There is no dismantling of vehicles therefore some items may not be visible and cannot be reported on due to enclosed systems, enclosed mechanical items and/or protective covers which may prevent items being inspected.

Our vehicle inspection report uses the references shown below to report on items that may have been inspected. Items ticked:-

“Good” means the item is in good tested and operational condition for the cars age and for the amount of kilometres travelled. Air conditioning marked “Good” means air conditioning is working well when tested.

“Fair” means the item has wear and tear but is still working. Suspension marked as “Fair” has wear but is still operational however may need replacement due to it age and kilometres travelled.

“Repair” means items require repair or replacement, and will require immediate attention. Example: Tyres marked as “repair” would require replacement due to been unroadworthy, damaged, bald, etc.

“Not Seen” means items that have not been checked or are not visible during inspection. Example: Engine oil level/condition marked “not seen” is because some engines do not have dipsticks and the level/condition of the oil cannot be checked.

“Not Applicable” are items that do not apply to the vehicle being inspected. Example: Vehicle has disc brakes to front and rear therefore “Not Applicable” would apply to brake linings/drums/wheel cylinders.

“Further Investigation” means a potential fault has been identified and the item/s require further investigation as to precise fault and the cause. Example: An engine blowing smoke during an inspection will be noted for further investigation as to why it is blowing smoke. 

We do not guarantee the authenticity of the engine or VIN number as inspected on the vehicle. The numbers may be recorded if accessible but we cannot guarantee this information is correct. Any information as to the vehicle identification is for the buyer to validate prior to the purchase such as PPSR or revs check. Vehicle information is taken from the vehicle being inspected and or registration papers provided.

A buyer should be ready to buy the car immediately as some sellers will continue to use the car after the inspection which leaves the vehicle open to damage, misuse or the changing of parts prior to the buyer to picking up the vehicle.

Our inspection is only a guide as to the condition at the time of the inspection but is not a recommendation to buy a vehicle or a vehicle warranty and cannot be used as an inspection document for registering a motor vehicle.

Autochex is insured to drive or test drive upon request however you warrant you have taken steps to confirm the vehicle is insured.

Some Items we do not report on. Non-reportable Items ARE:-

(a) timing belt or chain,

(b) diesel fuel or petrol consumption,

(c) correct fitment of accessories,

(d) oil consumption,

(e) air bag systems,

(f) automatic transmissions,

(g) life range of clutch,

(h) engine compression,

(i) water leaks, and

(j) condition of the engines.

Some Items can be tested upon request with additional charges.   For compression test additional charges apply, this can only be done in a controlled workshop environment. Price on Availability. Not included in any inspections advertised.