Expert Witness Report


Professional Automotive Expert Witness Services.

Autochex, operating under Nikitaras Holdings Pty Ltd, provides comprehensive expert witness reports for legal proceedings, hearings, tribunals, and court presentations. Specializing in all prestige and motor vehicles, motor homes, caravans, and camper trailers, including light trucks up to 4.5 tons.

Our expertise covers issues such as poor manufacturing in vehicles, caravans, and motor homes, as well as unresolved warranty matters. We understand the importance of privacy and value our relationships with instructing solicitors, litigants in person, and other legal entities. Trust Autochex for thorough and reliable expert witness services in the automotive industry.

Post Accident vehicle checks and reports on poor workmanship.

It is crucial to check the structural repair of your vehicle for safety, it’s also important to check that the quality of paintwork and replacement parts is of a high standard fitted (e.g. original parts). If not, then it can affect the car’s value upon resale so protect it today with a Post Accident damage Repair Inspection by our qualified Panel beater, Spray Painter and Motor Mechanic with over 40 years’ experience Licenced and recognised by the NSW Government and Motor vehicle Licenced Department Fair trading MVRL 15693 .

Our staff is highly trained and certified to provide the best customer service and most comprehensive reports.

Our inspector is also a registered as a Commercial agent with the NSW Department of Fair trading.

Commercial Agent license Number CAL000011805, MTA member.