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Buying a previously owned car can be a great way to save a large amount of money. You can save even more by purchasing from a private seller and avoiding dealerships altogether. Purchasing from a private seller also introduces an element of risk, in that there may be serious, unknown problems with the vehicle. At AutoChex, we perform mobile, on site pre purchase inspections for vehicles. This allows you as the buyer to be equipped with all the information that you need going forward.

Once you have decided to proceed with the purchase of a second hand vehicle, it is time to put in an offer. Here is some advice for negotiating a better price on the car that you desire.

Firstly, you need to have a good understanding of the value of the car. There are online tools where you can put in the make, model, and year of the car, and it will spit out a range of values that you expect to pay for this vehicle. You can also get an estimate of the value by getting insurance quotes. Compare the number you find with other cars of the same make on model that are currently on the market. Having this information gives you a starting point when it comes to negotiations.

Damage to the car lowers its value. Even something as simple and inconsequential as a scrape or a dint can be used as a point to negotiate a lower purchase price. Have a look over the pre purchase inspection report that you have received from AutoChex to help you find further points of negotiation. With our pre purchase vehicle inspection, we are able to identify mechanical, structural and cosmetic problems. You may decide that you want to proceed with the transaction regardless of these issues, providing they are minor, but they can allow you to haggle. By knowing that the car will soon require a repair which costs $500, you could attempt to haggle $500 off the price. You would never have had this information in your hand if you had not invested in a pre purchase vehicle inspection from AutoChex.

If the seller will not budge from a proposed price, and you need some time to think it over, do not be afraid to tell them so. You can tell them you need to consult your partner or parents, and that you will get back to them the next day. They may tell you they have another prospective buyer coming to look at the vehicle, but the majority of the time that would be a negotiation tactic.

Booking in a pre purchase vehicle inspection from AutoChex is simple. We come to your nominated location – usually the seller’s premises – and perform the inspection on site. We offer different tiers of inspection to suit your budget and your needs. You can book instantly through our website, which will show you our available times and dates in the near future. If you would like to speak with us, or you prefer to book over the phone, feel free to get in touch – simply call us on 0418 216 192. Having a pre purchase inspection report will not only arm you with information you need in order to decide to make the purchase or not, it will also offer you valuable knowledge for the price negotiation.

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