Mobile Vehicle Inspection


Mobile vehicle inspection from AutoChex.

With a mobile vehicle inspection from AutoChex, you do not need to despair that the car you are buying may be a dud.

By getting an inspection done before you make the purchase, you will know for sure either way. Buying a used car can save you a lot of money, especially if you are opting to purchase from a private seller as opposed to a dealership. However, with these savings comes risk. A secondhand car will always have some aspects to it which are less than ideal, so you need to know if it is a good car that has some years on it, or if it is going to break down as the seller recedes in your rear view mirror. Unless you are an experienced mechanic yourself, buying a used vehicle is fraught with danger. Avoid getting caught out by unknowingly making a poor decision – a mobile pre purchase inspection from AutoChex will give you the knowledge you need.

Why Autochex is different from others?

Think of a mobile vehicle inspection by a professional AutoChex inspector as one of the steps before buying the car. Once you have identified the car you want, and maybe had a look at it and a test drive yourself, and decided that you are interested, it is time to proceed to the checking stage. One such test is the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) Check – this tells you essential details about the vehicle such as if there is finance owing on the car. We can obtain the PPSR check and help you interpret it as part of the pre-purchase inspection. You will also want to obtain a roadworthy test. While a car can be bought and sold without a roadworthy check and pink slip, it does require one in order to be registered. A road worthy check does not tell you anything about if the car is a decent one to purchase. To determine this, you will need to book in a mobile vehicle inspection with AutoChex. Our mechanic inspector will come to the agreed upon site, which is usually the seller’s home so as not to inconvenience them. A complete mechanical inspection will identify any issues with the car that you should be aware of prior to purchase. We do assist you in interpreting the report. It is important to understand that most used cars do have at least some minor issues or damage from prior use – this is entirely normal – but there are some mechanical issues which should be very much avoided.

An AutoChex used car inspection is the most comprehensive investigation you can take of a vehicle. We offer inspections of cars on a tiered pricing structure in order to make mechanical pre purchase inspections accessible to all. With used car inspections from AutoChex beginning from just $239, and available for all makes and models of car, there is no excuse not to invest in a pre purchase vehicle inspection before you take the plunge.

To book in your mobile vehicle inspection or to find out more about what we can do for you, simply get in touch with AutoChex. We can be reached by phone on 0418 216 192 or through the contact us form on our website. You can also instantly make a booking via the Book Now page on our website, which lists up-to-date availability for upcoming dates.