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AutoChex Trailer Inspections and Horse Floats, Click on booking for more information.

3 hr|From $169.00

Trailer and Horse float reporting includes a comprehensive report of the whole trailer including brakes,bearings, seals body floor outer body Tailgate…

Gold Vehicle Inspection. Click on Booking for more information.

3 hr|$329.00

Includes as listed a complete mechanical inspection of the vehicle. We look for any oil leaks, Chassis damage, steering, brakes or any safety issues i…

Silver Vehicle Inspection. Click on booking for more information.

3 hr|$289.00

Includes as listed , A complete mechanical inspection of the vehicle. We look for any oil leaks, chassis damage, steering, brake or any safety issues…

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3 hr|$239.00

Includes as listed a complete mechanical inspection of the vehicle. We look for any oil leaks, chassis damage, steering, brakes and any safety Issues…

Caravan and Motorhome Inspections. Click on booking for more information.

3 hr|From $389.00

All Motor home inspection include Bronze Mechanical inspection and a caravan inspection report combined. Please see our caravan inspection list for mo…

Motorhome Inspection

Before you buy a motorhome, a pre purchase vehicle inspection from AutoChex is a must. A motorhome inspection prior to buying will ensure you have all the information you need to go forward with purchasing it – or otherwise. Our reports are instructive to the buyer and a key piece of insight for your decision making process. A comprehensive inspection before you buy gives you piece of mind as you know exactly what vehicle you are buying.

Older motorhomes can represent significant savings over buying one new. Generally, second hand motorhomes have sustained significant wear and tear. Our reports help you distinguish between cosmetic damage and other, more important problems which the vehicle may have. Keep in mind that many issues with a motor home will not be visible to the average buyer. Even if you have some experience with cars, a motor home is an entirely different beast. It is advisable to get a pre purchase inspection performed through AutoChex in order to determine if it is a reliable vehicle. It is expected that an older motor home will have some minor issues, and you will need a motorhome inspection prior to purchase in order to ascertain exactly what these issues are.

At AutoChex, a pre purchase inspection for a motorhome is affordable yet enlightening to the buyer. We charge just $389 for a motorhome inspection. This is peanuts compared to what you would spend should you discover, post purchase, that the motorhome you have bought required significant repairs in order to be safe and reliable. For $389, we perform a full mechanical inspection as well as a thorough investigation of all interior and exterior features. The interior feature inspection includes a look at furniture, windows, walls, beds, cupboards, appliances, and more. We check that everything is working and investigate the level of damage that it has acquired. A small amount of cosmetic damage can even work in your favour, as it gives you bargaining power with the seller.

As motorhomes are generally used as temporary lodgings on long journeys, it is very important that everything works as it should. The majority of motorhome buyers are intending to use the vehicle for travelling around Australia, either for work or for a sea change. As this involves travel through many remote areas where you would not have roadside assistance available to you, you want to make sure that you are buying a solidly working vehicle which is not likely to break down and leave you stranded in the desert.

To book your motorhome inspection with AutoChex, you can make a time instantly through our website. This level of convenience means that you are easily able to organise a pre purchase inspection time which suits the seller. We are also able to travel to them within Sydney and other selected areas, meaning that there is no reason for them to refuse a pre purchase vehicle check (unless they know that the vehicle is harbouring significant issues, in which case they may make an excuse to avoid the inspection).

If you wish to obtain further information on our motorhome inspection service, you may call AutoChex on 0418 216 192 or deliver us a message via the contact us form provided on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in making a decision on your motorhome purchase.