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Caravan Inspection

Comprehensive inspection checklist for a caravan, covering furniture condition, windows, doors, interior features (curtains, walls, flooring), bed compartments, appliances, lights, water system, security measures, bodywork, exterior components, electrical systems, brakes, suspension, and chassis integrity. Detailed assessment for potential issues, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the caravan’s overall condition and safety features.


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Detailed Information

Furniture – scratches Furniture – stains Furniture – marks Windows for any inside scratches Windows – operation Doors close and there are no miss alignments Second cabin door with fly-screen Window stays The curtains, blinds and tie backs Interior canvas / clears Wallboard seams Interior walls – marks Interior walls – scratches Flooring – carpet Floorings– vinyl Bed box compartment and stays sliders Beds and bunk beds Draws Cupboards Internal cupboard fittings Interior Hinges Interior handles Shower operation Shower door Mirrors Free standing table or fold-over coffee table Lights and light fittings Water Taps Sink plugs Appliances – Hot Water 240V Appliances – Cooker 240V Appliances – Fridge 240V Microwave – Air-conditioning TV and TV aerial Radio Electronics and control panel Water pump Hand Pump Toilet – CLEAN or FULL Security alarms Smoke detector Fire extinguisher Bodywork – discoloring dents scratches blisters cracks Canvas Fly-screen Mastic seal – walls – roof Windows for any outside scratches Door locks – operation Other exterior compartment locks Correct keys available Corner steadies /Legs– operation Corner steadies – winder tool is included Front locker fittings Courtesy light in boot Wheel security devices Caravan jack – for changing wheels Wheel nut wrench Toilet System External power sockets Awning rails Awning skirt 12v Power supply from car to caravan 240v power supply to caravan. Stop Lights Indicators Clearance Lights Rims Tyres – Cracks in Tread / side wall Tyres – Tread Condition Spare tyre Bearings Inner Bearing Seals Break away system Brake Operation Brake adjustment Drums or Discs Brake Shoes or Pads Handbrake Operation Suspension Shock Absorbers Coupling Ball weight (tested upon inspection) Safety Chains Load rated D shackles Chassis – A frame Front under body Middle under body Rear under body