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Motor Home Inspection

Our motorhome inspections include a combined Bronze Mechanical and caravan inspection report. Avoid post-purchase surprises—get a professional inspection. For caravan buyers, test drive to ensure stability. Repair cost advice available, and our report is on the Home Page.


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Detailed Information

All Motor home inspection include Bronze Mechanical inspection and a caravan inspection report combined. Please see our caravan inspection list for more information. People often seem to ignore one of the main rules of buying a pre-used car or caravan and that is having it inspected before purchasing. Most people would choose to drive it around the block for a few minutes and check under the hood, before buying the car, instead of having it inspected by a professional mechanic/Panel Beater. As a result of this, many people only realise later that the car has issues that will cause them to spend more money or cause them inconvenience later, We also recommend if you are buying a caravan or camper trailer best before you buy- you hitch the van to your car and test drive and check that the trailer is stable, and you are happy to tow your new trailer. We can then advise repair cost if required. A copy of our report is available on the Home Page