Used car inspection

Buying a used car is generally the smart thing to do: it allows you to reap the benefits of depreciation which begins as soon as a new car is driven off the lot. By buying used, you can save many thousands of dollars as compared to if you had bought brand new. However, it only makes financial sense if the second-hand car is in good condition and does not have major and costly defects. A used car inspection will set your mind at ease when deciding to make your purchase. Especially if you are not overly familiar with the make and model of car, or only have car knowledge as a dabbler, a second hand car inspection is essential before you make the jump. Until now, those purchasing second hand cars were forced to take a gamble on the mechanical soundness of the vehicle.

At AutoChex, we can perform a used car check for you on the vehicle which you have your eye on. As a mobile service operating throughout Sydney and other areas, we will come to the site of your choice – usually at the seller’s address. With this level of convenience, there is no reason not to undertake a used vehicle inspection prior to making a choice to purchase. Our inspector brings a wealth of experience, obtained over a 35-year career in the industry. Even if you think you know your stuff when it comes to cars, our wise inspector will be able to identify issues which would otherwise have slipped your notice. Moreover, as a mechanic, our inspector is more than familiar with all makes and models of cars – as well as larger vehicles such as mini-buses. When purchasing a used vehicle, it is prudent to have a used car check performed before you put in an offer. After all, if the car has a serious mechanical issue, you may reconsider or you may factor this into your offer to the seller.

For the most thorough check on a car you are looking at buying, go for the AutoChex Gold pre purchase inspection. This includes a complete mechanical inspection – everything that can be checked, will be. As part of the inspection we will conduct a test drive to see how the vehicle runs. The entire car will be inspected for rust and for signs of previous accidents – information which you must know before leaping into a decision. Included in the inspection is a PPSR Vehicle Check. Our experienced inspector will not only conduct a comprehensive and careful inspection but will also ensure you understand the facts as presented. A gold inspection costs just $329 – a small price to pay for your peace of mind. We also offer used car inspections at other price points, beginning from $239 for a complete mechanical inspection. This option does not include a test drive, but is a great starting point for evaluating the condition of your vehicle and equipping you with the information you need before deciding to go forward.

It never hurts to have more information before making a purchase – especially a purchase as important as your next car. To get in touch with us at AutoChex, you can call on 0418 216 192, or leave a message via our web form and we will follow up with you.